South Bay Lighthouse and Beach , Little Andaman

South Bay Lighthouse

The South bay Light house is situated at southernmost tip of Little Andaman (South Bay : Lat: 10.512100, Long: 92.504328), 14 kilometres away from Hutbay passing through Harmender Bay (Nicobari Settlement). There is only a Jungle trail to reach South Bay and due to rains it is always filled with mud. It is possible to reach the lighthouse in a bike but off-roading jeeps are preferred. The shore line of South bay is shallow and makes it good for bathing.

The South Bay light house is a 46 metre high cylindrical tower commisioned in 1986 and is the tallest light house of the Islands. A vacated Onge Tribal settlement  is not far away from the Light house.

Video: View from South Bay Lighthouse at Little Andaman, India


Latitude : 10.511746681133243 | Longitude : 92.5043656505585

Transport vehicle

Bike, Jeep

Departure / Return Location Hutbay


South bay Onge settlement of about 5 household was vacated and shifted to Dugong Creek prior to 2004.


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