Preparation, Prerequisites and precaution before visit to the Islands

Note: This Information is relevant to both Indian and Foreign nationals visiting Andaman Islands. Information is not relevant to Local residents.

When to visit :

The seasons on the Andaman's offer little variation - temperatures fall within 23°C and 31°C year-round, with an average humidity of 85 per cent. Monsoons hit the islands between May to October and November to January. Although the best time to visit is mid-November to early March. The peak tourist inflow occurs during December to early January.

Why to Visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands ?

What do you expect here at Andaman & Nicobar Islands?

If you are a nature and peace lover then the place rightly suits you. The tourist expecting gambling and drinking should better avoid this place - it may be total disappointment for them.

On the contrary serene and untouched clean beaches, underwater corals, adventure sports like trekking, scuba diving, parasailing & other water sports, historical monuments, natural wonders, vivid wild life, plush green tropical islands all awaits you here. There are no cases of cheating, and no haggling with hawkers and touts. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is also called the Mini India because of its varied population where one can see people staying from all the states of India. It is known as one of the Safest Holiday Destintion in India and Best place to spend time with family and loved ones. Isn't the list sufficient enough to attract you ? Visit our Travel information link for further details

What to do before landing at Port Blair

Study a bit about Andaman and Nicobar Islands: It's all available in this website. Try to learn about History of Indian Independence, travel to andaman, sea travel etc. | Basic Statistics |. If you are booked with a tour operator then it's not much you can do to modify their itenerary but these pre-information(s) will help you to extract the maximum out of your visit to the islands.


Since Andaman and Nicobar is an Indian Territory, the currency is Indian Rupees (INR). ATM's are available for all Major Banks like State Bank of India, ICICI, HDFC, PNB, Axis, Syndicate etc. Currency exchange facilities are available at Port Blair.


Foreign nationals require a permit to visit and stay in this Islands. | More details | Indian nationals require no permit/ visa to visit the islands. | more details |


The Islands are warm and humid so it is advisable to wear Cotton outfits . If you want to avoid skin tanning then you can wear cotton full sleeve cloths. If you are travelling in rainy season i.e., between May to September the please carry umbrella and rain coats. Warm clothes like sweater and over coats are an absolute NO-NO. Other accessories might include Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion etc.


Accessories that are MUST: Hats, very good quality sunglasses, sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30, water proof shoes preferrably flats. If you are going for trekking or hiking it is always good to carry an extra pair of shoes. Accessories that you can easily get in the Island shops are mosquito repellent (cream, lotion or a device), hats etc.


Please ensure that you have made appropriate reservations both for the forward and return journey (especially if you are traveling by ship). Very seldom the weather conditions (or technical failures) may disallow the ship to sail at the scheduled time. Presently only once weekly ship is available. Railway reservation counter is available at Port Blair.


Carry your Credit Card, ATM card, Vehicle driving license, Passport & Visa (only applicable for foreign nationals). Indian Citizens do not require Passport or Visa but it is advisable to carry a government provided identity document like AADHAAR Card, PAN card, Driving license etc. Two wheeler vehicles are available on hire at all Islands in Andamans. | more about entry details|


Motion sickness during the sea journey may be a troublesome experience, but few tips might be handy. Never plan your first sea journey during the period of April to June months - the sea is known to be rough during this period. Unless you are a habitual ship traveller, don't underestimate your body - in a 3-days journey due to the rolling and pitching against the sea (Local 'Hindi' term is for rolling and pitching is "Halfa" or "Halpa"), motion sickness may set in any healthy being. Consult your family doctor for advise on which motion sickness pills are suitable for you. Remember to start the anti motion sickness drug(s) at least half an hour before boarding the ship. Do not forget - these drug(s) work best if it is started prior to the start of journey. If you start the motion sickness medications after the motion sickness sets in then the drug(s) may not help at all.
All passenger ships employ a doctor on board for the passengers (free of cost). Consult the Medical officer inside the ship when required. | Ship Travel Details |. For patients of sea/motion sickness it is advisable to take the motion sickness medication while travelling within the islands also.


Stomach ailments, Bronchial Asthma, Malaria & Respiratory infections are the commonly encountered health issues among the residents of Andaman. The visitors are advised to take the following necessary precautions :
Be advised that there are limited super specialty facilities like Cardiology, Neurology etc. in the Islands.
Carry your medical records if you are a known patient.
Pregnant ladies should not subject themselves to sea travel.
Known Asthmatic patients should carry appropriate medications along with them.
Patients with chronic conditions like Diabetes , Hypertension and other Cardiac Conditons should avoid activities like Scuba Diving and Sea Walking. Make sure to disclose and declare such conditions before Scuba, Snorkeling or Sea Walking
Andaman Fever : Dont ignore small spots of blood in cough while at Andaman. Consult a doctor immediately as it may be the deadly Andaman fever (Leprospirosis). All local Hospitals are capable of treating them.
Prophylactic anti-malarial drugs should be started after consulting your Doctor if you plan to stay longer in the Islands. Local doctors usually advise 'Chloroquine' and 'Mefloquine' once weekly for prophylaxis (chemoprophylaxis). Dosage of the drug is very minimal and is effective even if taken once a week. Make sure to continue the Prophylaxis drug for at least 2 weeks after reaching back home.
Avoid drinking untreated water from the streams, rivers and falls.

|Healthcare facilities @ Andamans|.

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Preparation, prerequisites and precaution before visit


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