Harbour and Jetties at Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Being an Island territory the local life and economy is heavily dependent on sea transportation. A jetty is a platform built along the coast that allows berthing of ships. Jetties are made up of wood, stone, or concrete. Jetties are structures that stretches from the shore into the water.

Aeriel Bay Jetty, North Andaman, Andaman & Nicobar island Aeriel Bay, N. Andaman
Mus Jetty, Car Nicobar,andaman & nicobar island Mus Jetty, Car Nicobar
Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar island Phoenix Bay Jetty
Haddo Wharf, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar island Haddo Wharf, Port Blair

List of Jetty and Harbours at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Sl. No.NameLocationBerthing LengthBerthing WidthDepth alongside
1Junglighat JettySouth Andaman165M8M 2 M
2Aberdeen Jetty South Andaman15 M 7 M 2 M
3Chatham Jetty South Andaman220 M 25 M 9 M
4BambooFlat South Andaman12 M 4 M 2 M
5Panighat South Andaman18 M 6.5 M2 M
6Dundus Point South Andaman20 M 6 M 2 M
7Ross Island South Andaman15 M 7 M 2 M
8Mitakhadi South Andaman15.5M6M 2 M
9Hathitappu South Andaman15M 6M 2 M
10Viper IslandSouth Andaman15M 6M 2 M
11Pongibalu South Andaman37M 7.5M 2 M
12 Rutland IslandSouth Andaman30M 7.5M 2 M
13Strait Island South Andaman18M 6.5M 2 M
14Neil Island South Andaman40M 10M 2 m
15Dugong Creek Little Andaman18M 6M 2 M
16Yeratta Middle Andaman12.5M6.5M 2 M
17Bajotta Middle Andaman9.4M 3.8M 2 M
18Parangara Middle Andaman9.5M 3.8M 2 M
19Long Island Middle Andaman29M 8.5M 2 m
20East Island North Andaman 21.4M8.5M 2 M
21Kalighat North Andaman 10 M 3.8M 2 M
22Sagar Dweep North Andaman 12 M 4 M 2 M
23Gandhi Nagar North Andaman 12 M 4 M 2 M
24Malacca Nicobar 40 M 9 M 2 M
25Tee Top Nicobar 49 M 9 M 2 M
26Teressa Island Nicobar 21 M 8 M 2 M
27Chowra Island Nicobar 25 M 7 M 2 M
28Nancowry Nicobar 40 M 2.5 M 2 M
29Kondul Island Nicobar 20 M 8 M 2 M

Vehicle Ferry Ramp and Jetty

30Chatham South Andaman 36 M 10 M
31BambooFlat South Andaman 20 M 13.65M
32Uttara JettyMiddle Andaman 17 M 9.2M
33Gandhighat Baratang, Middle Andaman 20.5 M 10M
34Nilambur Baratang, Middle Andaman 20.7 M 13M
35Bush Police CampMiddle Andaman 17.5 M 12.7M

Major Jetty

36Haddo Wharf South Andaman 690 M30 M 9 M
37Hope Town Jetty South Andaman 140 M30 M 9 M
38Phoenix Bay - I South Andaman 395 M10 M 5 M
39Phoenix Bay - II South Andaman120 M12M 5 M
40Phoenix Bay - III South Andaman200 M (increase from 115 M) 15M 5 M
41Phoenix Bay - IV South Andaman 140 M 15 M 5 M
42Cholunga Wharf South Andaman 63M 15M 5 M
43Diglipur North Andaman 85M 4M 5 M
44Rangat Middle Andaman94M 4M 5 M
45Havelock South Andaman 60M 4M 5 M
46Kamorta Nicobar 110M 5 M 9M
47Katchal Nicobar
48Hut Bay Little Andaman
49Campbell Bay Nicobar 200M 7M 5 M
50Mus Nicobar 49M 6.5M 8 M
51Fisheries Jetty South Andaman
Haddo Wharf, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar island Kamorta Harbor, Nancowrie, Nicobars
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